1-2-1 Exclusive with Lino Cycles

on July 24, 2014

1-on-1 Exclusive with Lino Cycles

I sat down and spoke with Theo, a young creative who mixed his passion for arts and cycling to create his own brand, Lino Cycles. Lino Cycles was established just over a year ago and within that time the company has grown a following on Twitter and Instagram and has caught the attention of the biking community. I was lucky enough to sit down and have a quick talk to him about his brand and what he thinks about London as a cycling city.


Clive: Hey Theo. So if no one knew about your brand, tell me how would you describe what is Lino Cycles?

Theo: Lino Cycles encompasses drawings, prints and design memorabilia, all with the aim to represent a Sisyphus style cycling struggle. Lino Cycles embodies road cycling culture as a concept, and focuses on creating race specific artwork that lives alongside cycling. The intricate process of Lino cutting is used as a metaphor for the classic cyclists battle.

Clive: I would say your brand is quite unique, how did you come up with the concept for Lino Cycles?

Theo: I think it just came from the love of road cycling and actually being a cyclist. I guess Im almost celebrating how good it looked in the ‘old days’. The slicked back hair, the steel frame bikes and all the old woollen jerseys. There is just no comparison between that, and the modern day ugly lycra skin suits covered in logos.

Lino Cycles embodies road cycling culture as a concept.”

Clive: We all know about the slicked back hair (laughs). So what do you think of the cycling community in the UK? Do you think it is growing and is this a good thing for the London community?

Theo: Due to the last two Tour De France winners being British, the cycling community has grown massively in the UK, especially in London. Also, with the Tour starting in Yorkshire this year, there is no doubt it will grow even more.

I think that the increase in popularity of cycling is a great thing! More people out on their bikes means less cars! If anyone has ever ridden through London you will know what I am talking about. Its becoming one of the cycling capitals of the world, all we need is safer/more bike lanes and fewer pot holes! Cycling is not just a great sport but also a healthier and more economical way of getting around.

Clive: I 100% agree about biking as a healthier and more economical way of transport, I also hope Boris sorts out the bike lanes. Theo, let me know, are there any exciting projects coming up for the brand?

Theo: Lino Cycles isn’t even a year old but the response has been amazing. We are working on so many things at the moment. Including some very exciting collaborations with bike shops, clothing companies and even coffee roasters. The future is looking good and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.

Clive: Thank you for your time Theo. All the best with Lino Cycles.

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