Shakira The Queen of Facebook

on July 29, 2014

In this modern day it’s not about who headlines the newspapers or BBC news at 10, or even who you see on the TV every 10 minutes at adverts. These days it’s natural behaviour to rank popularity and global icon status via social media websites such as Twitter or Facebook. For example, which A-List celebrity has the most Facebook likes? Or musician has the most followers on Twitter? The scary thing is the power of social media is getting stronger every day.

Shakira has recently reached a new landmark in her career. No it’s not another Grammy to add to her amazing music career. Or another platinum selling album to add to her previous collection. She was added to the Guinness Book of World Record’s for being the first person to reach 100 million likes on Facebook.

Shakira has managed to achieve this feat over the likes of music icons like Eminem, Beyonce & Rihanna and athlete Cristiano Ronaldo. Not to add 26 million Twitter Followers and 4 million on Instagram.

Queen of Facebook? She maybe even top in the whole world of Social Media.

Image author: Andres Arranz, 5 July 2008
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