Why I love London

on July 31, 2014

Firstly I have to state, I am a Londoner and yes I was born here and seen it all. So just like any other Londoner who is born and raised here so I too have got tired of the lack luster weather and moody morning train ride to work, with nothing optimistic to come home at the end of the day. Just like a long marriage, the old ball and chain can start to lose its spark after a while. However, I asked myself why is it everybody seems to want to move to this city? It only dawned on me when I moved to Southampton for 5 years and came back as to how big London was and how many things London had to offer.

People from around the world local or global travel far in hope of promises and dreams they can achieve here. Is it the money? The opportunities they think available to them? Maybe even the benefits of living in the city (literally)?

I talked to a couple people who have moved here from around the UK to overseas and asked them what made them choose London and the best thing about London for them. I picked a couple out of the many they said. Listed for you in no particular order.



As much as people are crying nowadays about immigration and influx of people from overseas, it’s also what has made this city so great. Gains and stride have been made in London thanks to people from different backgrounds and knowledge. Bringing something to the table in a productive and creative manner. It’s what has made Britain great and the best place in the eyes of the world. Not being closed minded and open to people from all walks of life.

Oyster card


Everybody cries about traffic and how expensive London roads can be. To be honest London is probably one of the most expensive places in the world of course and owning a car here will make you realise that truth very quickly. The best thing ever to come out of London was oyster. As expensive as it is to the individual financial situation, the doors of possibility of things you can do and see is endless. Just top up from £5 and you can have access to all areas of London.



The underground is perfect for reaching anywhere in London, even places you didn’t even know the underground reached. Not forgetting the new overground that gives you EVEN MORE ACCESS to places you never knew had stations or even existed. You get to meet some interesting people and see some even more interesting things as long as you can stand the heat of course.

Boris bikes


Regardless of what you think of Mayor Boris and his hair (who I think is a LEGEND) one good thing Boris did was introducing the Boris bikes. No better or enjoyable way to see everything around London than on one of these cool bad boy machines. Access everywhere and when you’re done you can just park your bike in any loading dock in London and go on your way.

Urban scene

London has one of the most vibrant and live urban scene in the world. A mix of influence from hip-hop, house, indie, rock gothic and any thing commercially popular with style and class all in one fruit salad. Meaning that only the best and most interesting stuff come of a product of this great city and everybody is individual in his or her style.


The amount of parties that we Londoners come up with is endless. Any excuse to party in London is we will take it. We will always find a reason to get pissed and enjoy ourselves. Tea party, party in the park, house party, club party, after party, dance in the rain party, England almost made it party, the royals are doing something special again party or just celebrate the 1st day of sunshine for a while and we’re British party. You can never have too many reasons to party get my drift.



The great British pub-crawl. What better way to get completely wasted with strangers you usually wouldn’t talk to during the day all night long (well until you end up drunk flat on your face of course). If you’re alone and just looking for buddies to party with or a random one, this is the best way to do so. Never know whom you might meet on your night out or where your night will go.

History and the arts

Yes you would never think of London as the DaVinci of the art world but when it comes to theatre, drama and contemporary stuff we’re pretty ahead of the rest with a fair share of innovative and interesting stuff to look at. A lot of historically fascinating, really old stuff to sight see. Beautifully produced theatre and plays to watch. May not be to your fancy but there something for everybody here

Sometimes you got to take a moment to really appreciate what you have. In this day and age of lots of rain and crying about life lets not forget what make London such a great place.



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