Sneaker Saturday – Air Max 95

on August 2, 2014

QUAN Magazine are looking to start a new trend. Sneaker Saturday’s is a day of the week where we show our appreciation to the footwear industry and pick a sneaker of our choice. We will try pick the coolest, vintage and most popular shoes every week. Especially ones that bring back memories. Our first ever Sneaker Saturday belongs to the 110’s, Nike Air Max 95.

First designed as a running shoe, the Nike Air Max 95 eventually became more of a casual shoe. Nicknamed “110’s” (because of the retail price), the shoe was really popular during the late 90s and through 2000-10. The Air Max 95 has now recently gone up to a retail price of £115, the Air Max 95 was best known for it’s comfortability, air bubbles around the shoe to help with extra cushioning and heel support.

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Image from website: Wikimedia, Author: Beomseok

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