The Aaron Ramsey Theory

on August 13, 2014

It’s bad to think when a sports star has their limelight that something so tragic can happen during that time. Arsenal-Wales football midfielder Aaron Ramsey has this internet tag that when he scores a goal, a celebrity or famous person will unfortunately pass to their death. Arsenal celebrated their 2nd trophy in almost a decade on Sunday, beating English champions Manchester City comfortably 3-0. England star Ramsey was on the scoresheet and sadly a day later, comedian actor Robin Williams was found dead in his home in America. This theory has dated back since 2011. I know it sounds ludicrous right?

Ramsey’s Goal vs Celebrity Deaths

February 23rd 2011 – Ramsey goal with Cardiff City
February 26th 2011 – Canadian cult leader Roch Theirault is murdered in prison.

May 1st 2011 – Ramsey goal vs Manchester United
May 2nd 2011 – Osama Bin Laden is shot dead by the US. Navy Seals in Pakistan.

October 2nd 2011 – Ramsey goal vs Tottenham Hotspurs
October 5th 2011 – Apple genius Steve Jobs dies from his battle  with Pancreatic Cancer in his home in California.

quan-ramsay-sjPhotograph of Steve Jobs by Matt Yohe

October 19th 2011 – Ramsey goal vs Marseille
October 20th 2011 – Colonel Gaddafi is captured by his enemies in his hometown Sirte and dies from the injuries.

quan-ramsay-whAsterio Tecson via Wikimedia

February 11th 2012 – Ramsey goal vs Sunderland
February 11th 2012 – Queen of ballads Whitney Houston is found dead at the Beverly Hilton bathroom in LA.


November 30th 2013- Ramsey 2 goals vs Cardiff City
December 1st 2013 – Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker dies from a car crash after driving back from a charity event.


August 10th 2014 – Ramsey goal vs Manchester City
August 11th 2014 Hollywood comedian-actor Robin Williams is found dead in his home in California.

True or not, it’s somehow coincidental and really unfortunate it happens to this athlete.

Images used via Google and have been labelled for reuse with modification.
Main Photograph of Aaron Ramsey: By Ronnie Macdonald from Chelmsford

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