Marvel Exhibition Promotes Captain America The Winter Soldier

on August 15, 2014

In line with the upcoming release of Captain America The Winter Solider on DVD (out 18th August) – an exhibition was put on at Forge and Co in Shoreditch. Firstly, I have to say that the Exhibition is going to be on from the 15th-18th August 12PM-6PM at the same venue, and it is free to go along too.

Now onto the Exhibition itself. It has nice little touches, with quotes from the films spray painted onto the walls, and also a giant lego sculpture of Groot and Rocket at the entrance.


I have never been to an art exhibition before, so walking down into the room I really didn’t know what to expect. It is exactly as you see it in Film/TV. A bare room, with the walls slightly covered in pictures, all of them at the same height, and perfectly in line with each other.

Some of the pictures are of general superheroes, ie Ironman, Loki and the Hulk. As you walk round the room, the rest of the portraits are of scenes from the Winter Solider itself, and finally there is a small section which is dedicated to Guardians of the Galaxy.

The character ones are exactly like the comic books, a little cartoony yet they seem really old school. They are simple yet have as much detail as can be allowed. Some of the Avenger ones, and the Guardian ones are poster worthy. But it the Captain America ones which really impress. They are so vivid and detailed, that you could spend a while just looking at them, and seeing the intricate details that they have.

Completing the room is a life size figure of Captain America himself. There isn’t much else to say about the pictures, as I feel I can’t really put them into words.

So, if you have some time to kill, and are in the area, why not head over to the Forge and Co in Shoreditch, and give the exhibition a looksee.

Photos credit of Ricky Diaz
Article credits: Paul Devine, PeoplesMovies.com – http://thepeoplesmovies.com/2014/08/marvel-exhibition-promote-captain-america-winter-solider/

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