7 things I learned from Robin Williams

on August 19, 2014

Robin Williams was a comedic genius who inspired us all through his many roles and great improvisations moments. From sitcom to Mork & Mindy, to film classics such as the Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam and Oscar winning Good Will Hunting. He also was the inspiration of a lot of kids growing up including me. Growing up listening to him play the entertaining voice behind the genie in Aladdin and playing Peter Pan in Hook. He inspired the imagination of all. There are many things that we will miss of Robin Williams but there are 7 gems he left for me but us all to learn from in our quest for happiness.


1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself

Throughout his career Robin Williams played a number of roles. Some say to hide from the true reality of his illness and battle against depression. However, throughout it all still remained himself. Off air waiting for the next scene, to interviews, to award speeches, he remained true to his form, Eccentric, charismatic, memorable and bigger than life. Never to be forgotten.

2. Find what makes you happy and run with it

Out of all the things he could have done in his life, the one thing he stuck with was his love for making people laugh. It made him happy.  So he continued to put a smile on people’s faces the best way he knew how. Through his comedy.


3. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow

One thing most people will agree on was that when it came to improve jokes and creativity Robin Williams was one of the greatest. A wealth of knowledge to draw inspiration from. In life sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get so learning to go with the flow and using your imagination can make for the most rewarding experience.

4. Don’t stop doing what you love

Robin Williams loved to make people laugh and put a smile on their faces. He continued to do this till the end. Even through all his problems and advisory he remained true his calling and touched the world through his art.


5. Share your happiness with others

He loved to share his happiness and spread joy to everybody and anybody he could reach. No matter who you are, where you’re from or what you look like, happiness is one thing we all seek and have in common. Being able to share that joy is when you know you’re truly blessed.

6. Be open minded. Flexible. Diversify your portfolio

He constantly was working on different characters and gags to entertain his fans. Never happy with just one role or being tight casted into one position. He played a number of characters from childhood inspirations, entertaining comedic characters, to wise psychiatrist with words of wisdom. He also payed more serious and dark roles with emotional and traumatic connotations behind each and every character. Showing the world his ability to play a wide range of contrasting roles, helped to diversify his already impressive portfolio. Opening new doors for opportunity.

7. It’s the simple things in life that can make you the most happiest

Throughout everything and the back drop behind his personal life, the one thing we know made him happy was to see the smile on our faces. No amount of money in the world could bring him the same amount of satisfaction he got from performing and entertaining us and we will treasure what he gave to the world.

Thank you




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