Top 5 Celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenges

on August 22, 2014

It’s trending all over the world. It’s all over your news feed on Facebook & Twitter, newspapers and even on your daily news on TV. Bill Gates was one of many global icons to complete the challenge. President Obama has even been challenged, will he do it?

It’s funny I even heard this topic in the gym. Yes during my reps I heard a conversation between two guys.

“Have you seen this Ice Bucket Challenge? Cristiano Ronaldo was doing it the other day. He was nominated so he had to do it.” The “A” guy opened the conversation with “B”.
“What? Ice? Can’t he donate money.”
The “B” guy replied to his workout buddy. A very obvious but easily forgotten answer.
“Well if I’m nominated I’m going to do it.” The “A” guy replies.

Me being nosey I know, but I couldn’t help but overhear. I don’t know what bothers me more. The lack of focus on the actual cause and more attention on the celebrities, or that people want to just follow the trend of throwing buckets of ice over their heads. I will be honest I enjoy celebrities being more social with fans and people all over the world. It’s signs of humbleness and thankfulness. Also seeing celebrities in their own personal space with their families, the photos and videos they post makes you realise they are just like us no matter how much we idolise or put them on that pedestal. Yes, I feel this trend has been overplayed and it’s a opportunity for people to get attention and name drop who’s on their A-list. But the fact is, it is raising money. There has been a estimated $31 million dollars raised since the rise of the Ice Bucket Challenge trend. That’s the most important thing.

So how did this all start?

The Ice Bucket movement started in July 2nd 2014 when former Boston College baseball Captain Pete Frates shared his story with Bleacher Report. He was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) better known in the States as Lou Gherig’s Disease (A fatal disease that attacks the nervous system) in March 13th 2012. For the past two months his family and friends were encouraging the Boston College athletes and anyone who wanted to get involved to hashtag the trend. Pete Frates completed the Ice Bucket challenge himself on August 14th and a week later it’s taken over the news all over the globe. The Power of the Hashtag.

What is the challenge?

Basically if you have been challenged you have to pour a bucket full of ice& water over your head. You then nominate up to 3 people to continue the challenge. If you refuse to take up the challenge you have to donate to a ALS charity of your choice within 24 hours.Or you can do both if you choose to accept the challenge.

Enjoy the list. I’m happy the challenge is getting everyone networking even more on social media and that this trend is helping raise money for the cause. Even though they are under a minute in length it is still entertainment.

I just hope everyone understands the reasoning behind this. It’s for a great cause.

Top 5 Celebrity ALS  Ice Bucket Challenge

5. Lady Gaga – The “Silent” Ice Bucket Challenge
Challenger: Owner JustJared
Nominations: ???

In her unusual, mysterious and weird ways, she does the Ice Bucket Challenge in silence. She doesn’t say who nominated her (Owner of Just Jared) , or who she nominates. Gaga doesn’t react to the ice and just ends with a awkward stare into the camera. Priceless Lady Gaga.

4. Mark WahlbergThe “Family Ice” Bucket Challenge

Challengers: Dwayne “The Rock Johnson, Nicola Weltz, Micky Ward
Nominations: Spike Lee, Eminem & Manny Pacquiao

Our TBT this week Mark Wahlberg is our number 4. In heart-warming fashion he got his whole family to do the Ice Bucket Challenge all at the same time. His nominations were interesting as Eminem is anti-social media. Let’s see if the Real Slim Shady will stand up to the challenge.

3. Usher – The” IcePro” Bucket Challenge
Challengers: Danielle Bradbery, Scooter Braun
Nominations: Pharrell, P.Diddy

Usher decided to go with the latest technology in his challenge with a selfie stick and GoPro in one hand. He also added extra camera angles and slow motion edits for a professional look.

2. Bill Gates – The “Extra” Ice Bucket Challenge
Challengers: Mark Zuckerberg
Nominations: Elon Musk, Ryan Seacrest, and Chris Anderson of TED

The man who created Microsoft decided to invent his own Ice Bucket Challenge high-tech contraption. The computing genius even drew up his own blue print. His video has the most hits on YouTube with this trend, with over 12million views on his personal YouTube account.

1. Charlie Sheen – The “Money” Ice Bucket Challenge
Challengers: Ryan Miller
Nominations: Jon Cryer, Chuck Lorre, and Ashton Kutcher

The Man of Controversy is at it again. I am a fan of Charlie Sheen because he tells it how it is. Watch the video for itself. I don’t want to spoil the surprise. #Winning

Honorary Mentions

Triple H – The “Game” Ice Bucket Challenge WWE Legend finishes off with his trademark spit, wrestling fans would appreciate this.

Ben Affleck – The “Family (Part 2)” Ice Bukcet Challenge
 Jennifer Garner did the honours of pouring the bucket over husband Affleck, but without Affleck throwing her into the pool with him. Great family stuff and listen for the cute laughs from their kids at the end.

James Franco – The “Naked Nominations” Ice Buck
et Challenge – Franco doesn’t surprise us when he puts all his nominations on a piece of paper covering his private parts.

Tom Cruise & Chris McQuarrie –
The “Relentless” Ice Bucket Challenge Tom and Chris are in for a surprise as they get a relentless onslaught of ice buckets. Well played guys, the toughest in terms of quantity out of the lot.

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