The 10 Funniest Friends Episodes EVER

on September 14, 2014

The One Where Eddie Won’t Go
Season 2, Episode 19

One of the funniest episodes from Season 2 where we see Chandler’s new roommate Eddie becoming very creepy i.e watching Chandler sleep, not remembering what happened the day before. Chandler is especially funny as he has to deal with this psycho like roommate and tries everything to get him to leave.

Best lines

Eddie: “No no no, I wanna hear it from your lips.”
Chandler: “Where did you hear it from before?”

Rachel: “How do you expect me to grow if you won’t let me blow?”

Chandler: “This is not out of the blue, this is smack dab in the middle of the blue!”

Chandler: “Goodbye you fruit drying psychopath.”

The One Where No Ones Ready
Season 3, Episode 2

This has to be one of the series’ best episodes. The entire episode is based in the girls’ apartment and the action throughout is so entertaining as there are so many things happening all at once. People can relate to the Ross and Rachel storyline where a girlfriend struggles to find an outfit to wear for the night whilst the boyfriend is constantly telling her she looks fine. The best laughs of the episode has to be from Chandler and Joey fighting over the chair. The childishness between the two is hilarious to watch.

Best lines

Chandler: “Not touching, can’t get mad! Not touching can’t get mad!”

Joey: “Look at me, I’m Chandler, could I BE wearing any more clothes?”

Joey: “Let’s see what else he’ll do!”

The One With The Football
Season 3, Episode 9

Another great episode with a lot of competitiveness between all characters. Joey and Chandler fighting over the attention of the dutch girl, Rachel not having a hold of the ball and Ross and Monica’s brother/sister dynamic when competing for the ‘Geller Cup’.

Best lines

Ross: “Cheater, cheater, compulsive eater!”

Joey: “Nice try, see the Netherlands is this make believe place where Peter Pan and Tinkerbell come from.”

Rachel: “I went really long”

The One With Ross’ Sandwich
Season 5, Episode 9

A hilarious episode which see’s Ross’ character full of rage when he discovers his boss had eaten his sandwich that was left in his work’s fridge with his name on it. Seeing his character freak out over something so small is laughable. Also, the storyline of Joey being fed up of having to cover Chandler and Monica’s secret is so entertaining to watch as he is left with embarrasing situations.

Best lines


Joey: “I’m only eating the skins, so the chicken’s up for grabs.”

The One With Ross’ Teeth
Season 6, Episode 8

A memorable episode from Ross where he bleaches his teeth in order to impress his new date. Its so funny to see his character get put into these bad predicaments. It’s also hilarious when Phoebe is unaware that the man she made out with is not Ralph Lauren which leaves Rachel’s boss unimpressed and also Chandler’s concern that Joey is getting too in touch with his feminine side.

Best Lines

Chandler: “What was wrong with your old, human teeth?” 

Rachel: “Your teeth? Yes, I saw them from outside.”

Phoebe: “Demon, demon!”

Joey: “It’s not what you said, it’s just the way you said it. Oh, my God! I’m a woman!”

The One Where Ross Got High
Season 6, Episode 9

This is without a doubt one of the funniest episodes in Friends history. 
With some unforgetable scenes and great lines, it is such an entertaining Thanksgiving episode to watch. Each character has their own scenario which gets even funnier as the episode goes on. The most hilarious one being with Rachel making the Thanksgiving dessert completely wrong and having Joey and Ross eat it and pretending to enjoy it. This definitely has you in fits of laughter as the entire cast are particularly funny in this episode.

Best Lines

Chandler: “Woah, snowing out there?”

Ross: “I don’t know I was all high”

Ross: “It tastes like feet!”

Joey: “I mean, what’s not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, good!”

Rachel: “I wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle!”

The One With The Routine
Season 6, Episode 10

Another great episode from Season 6 which sees Phoebe and Rachel convincing Chandler to help them look for the Christmas presents Monica has bought for them and Joey developing feelings for his roommate Janine. Monica and Ross steal the show in this episode with their obsession of appearing on their favourite TV show. The hysterical dancing of Monica and Ross’ Routine whilst trying to get on camera is a joy to watch. Again you are drawn into their brother/sister relationship. Undoubtedly they look ridiculous however, the routine is the highlight of the episode. 

Best Lines

Chandler: “You are aware that she’s not a monkey, right?”

Monica: “Ross, I think we should stick to the routine, we don’t wanna look stupid”

Joey: “No! Year! Happy No Year!”

The One With The Nap Partners
Season 7, Episode 6

A re-watchable episode where you can laugh at the same scenes. Phoebe and Rachel competing for the role of Monicas’s Maid of Honour and Monica wondering if Chandler will break up with her if she ends up overweight again after discovering Chandler dumped a girl for being fat. But the funniest plot has to be when Joey and Ross accidentally take a nap and end up liking it. To Ross’ dismay, Joey insists on napping again and at the end they are caught napping by the rest of the gang. This is one of the most entertaining scenes in the episode.

Best Lines

Ross & Joey: “DIE HARD!!!”

Joey: “That was the best nap I ever had!”

Joey: “And she’s back in the game.”

The One With The Rumour
Season 8, Episode 9

Another classic Thanksgiving episode with special guest star, Brad Pitt. When Monica invites an old friend from high school over for Thanksgiving dinner, we learn that he started a “I Hate Rachel Green” club with Ross, which then leads to more secrets coming out from their High School. Its also a funny sight to see Joey try to take on eating a whole turkey whilst wearing Phoebe’s maternity pants. This episode wasn’t all about Brad Pitt’s guest appearance, but more about the reminder of Rachel and Ross’ relationship which takes you back to the earlier episodes of their disputes with one another.

Best Lines

Phoebe: “Will, just take off your shirt and tell us.”

Chandler: “You were the hermaphrodite cheerleader from Long Island?”

Joey: “No, no, these are my Thanksgiving pants!”

Joey: “You are my Everest.”

The One With The Late Thanksgiving
Season 10, Episode 8

Although being sad that this was an episode before the season finale, it is also the last of a favourite of Thanksgiving episodes. After deciding not to prepare anything for Thanksgiving, the gang convince Monica to change her mind. Joey and Ross attend a Rangers game and Phoebe and Rachel are at a beauty pageant for Emma. This all leads to them being late and eventually meeting up in the hallway. It’s amusing to see the ways in which they try to get Monica and Chandler to forgive them for being late to Thanksgiving dinner that Monica initially did not want to host. A memorable scene is when they squeeze their heads in to the door to apologise and Joey gets his head stuck. But the most moving moment is when Chandler and Monica receive a phone call and are selected to adopt a baby.

Best Lines

Phoebe: “I bet that vein on Monica’s forehead is popping like crazy.”

Joey: “That’s fire. Beats everything.”

Joey “I just wanna say that I’m sorry I referred to the vein as a seperate person…”

Joey: “Hurry! I can’t feel my ears!”
Chandler: “Can you ever feel your ears?”


More favourite episodes that top the entire Friends collection that couldn’t go amiss.

The one where Eddie Moves In (Season 2, Episode 17)
The one with Frank Jr. (Season 3, Episode 5)
The one with the Dirty Girl (Season 4, Episode 6)
The one with All the Resolutions (Season 5, Episode 11)
The one with the Cop (Season 5, Episode 16)
The one where Ross can’t Flirt (Season 5, Episode 19)
The one with Unagi (Season 6, Episode 17)
The one with All the Candy (Season 7, Episode 9)
The one with All the Cheesecakes (Season 7, Episode 11)
The one with Joey’s Award (Season 7, Episode 18)
The one with Ross and Monica’s Cousin (Season 7, Episode 19)
The one with Monica’s Boots (Season 8, Episode 10)
The one with the Male Nanny (Season 9, Episode 6)
The one with the Mugging (Season 9, Episode 15)
The one with the Memorial Service (Season 9, Episode 17)
The one with the Lottery (Season 9, Episode 18)
The one with Ross’ Tan (Season 10, Episode 3)

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