7 Ways To Know You’re A Traveller And Not A Tourist

on September 15, 2014

It hurts me when I go to a foreign country to see tourists alienate themselves from the locals and the culture. In my head the question I always ask is; what’s the point? To observe from a far and never really experience the beauty of the country or communicate with the people? No wonder why people hate tourists. Sounds like a date gone wrong. To avoid coming across like the ultimate tourist from hell, here are some tips on how to travel the right way.

1. You find no correlation between material goods and enjoying life. You realise that people who have less seem to enjoy life the most when you’re travelling. When you’re touring the concept of not having your possessions seems strange and foreign to you. A life style you can’t imagine living.

quan-travel2View of Barcelona from Mount Tibidabo.

2. Integrating and being open minded with people from different backgrounds interests you more than just being comfortable around people who are similar to yourself.

quan-travel7Communication is key when travelling.

3. Swimming in the pool and swimming in the sea is two completely different concepts for you. A tourist can happily stay by the poolside, as it’s very convenient. Travellers crave to experience the real deal from the hot sand to the salty sea.

Ever tried Snorkling?

4. Coming to another country to not try the local food is an oxymoron for you. As a traveller you get excited about the idea of trying out the local delicacy. Fish and chips is not good enough.

quan-foodWhen in Spain. Make sure you have Tapas.

5. The idea of just staying in your hotel in the local area bores you. As a traveller you crave for sightseeing more. Unless you’re a tourist. In that case the hotel is cool with you.

San Sebastien Beach, Barcelona

6. The idea of learning a new language is fun to you. As a traveller any chance to learn something new opens new doors for you. If you’re a tourist don’t find the need to learn another language. Everyone should speak English and if they don’t it’s their fault. Also a tourist will only be going back home anyway. So what’s the point right?

quan-travel5Countries like Italy, don’t make it easy for English speaking travellers/tourists.

7. You are not afraid of the new, different or the unknown. That’s the whole point of travelling to explore new things and to push the boundaries you were once so comfortable with. That is completely unthinkable for a tourist.

quan-travel6Trains in Europe especially Rome, Italy are notoriously known for pick pocketers. 

There is a difference between travel and tourism. That’s why they are two separate words with different meanings. Makes sense.

The main thing that i feel is missing from touring as opposed to travelling is experience. You travel to explore and experience new things. Whereas you tour to observe from a far. That doesn’t seem like much fun to me.

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