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on September 23, 2014

The trainer craze has most definitely taken centre stage to all the fashion conscious individuals out there. The foot game has never looked so strong and practicality has never been so fashionable.

Trainers aren’t just considered to be a commuters shoe anymore they are vast becoming acceptable footwear to carry us through our working days, even west end London clubs are allowing ‘smart trainers’ as part of their dress code.

Jay-Z wearing his “Air Jordan I Banned” in his music video for “Otis”

So how was the trainer trend born?

Thanks to Nike, now championing the title as the world’s number one sports brand in the world – it has cleverly used celebrities to popularize their brand equipment. Michael Jordan made an estimated $90 million last year simply through his trainer sales. He was a respectable and iconic basket baller who people idealized and still do today. To collaborate with a man who sought comfort, practicality and fashion himself was the perfect marketing strategy.

It’s evident that celebrity collaborations sell. Everyone wants to be a part of a brand, an identity that illustrates an urban coolness and gains recognition amongst their peers. Nike, Adidas and other sports names are now using this to their full advantage to popularize their products to an even larger audience.

Kanye West is another successful partnership with Nike other than Michael Jordan. His Red Octobers sold out in just 11 minutes with the highest auction on eBay for $7,500.

Merging the talent of a sports name to a stylish celeb/ designer is evolving. Big sports brands are seeing the benefits of having a famous name associated with the brand. It will hardly come as a surprise seeing a continuing growth involving more iconic celebrities, we’ve already had designs from Ricardo Tisci, Stussy and Junya Wantanabe.

Pop stars are just as likely if not more to drive sneaker sales as the person behind the collaboration. A listers like Jay Z, Chris Brown and J Cole consistently advertise exclusive trainers in their music videos. It seems as though trainers are essential to proving their fashion status.

The power of this is enough to send trainer fanatics over the edge of wanting and waiting for the next release.

New trainer releases have seen teenagers and adults queue from the early hours of 5am to claim their prize possessions. Some customers even buy up to three pairs at a time spending hundreds of pounds on one style.

The family of trainers continues to grow. New releases, exclusivities to stores and limited editions are all what adds to the addiction of owning a pair of sneakers. The most popular styles for Nike in particular are the Jordans, Huraches and Air Max’s.

“Everyone wants to be a part of a bran, an identity that illustrates an urban coolness and gains recognition amongst their peers”

quan-fashion3Kanye West’s “Red Octobers” sold in just 11 minutes on eBay for $7500.

What’s so appealing about a collaboration?

Mixing a series of talent together allows an unpredictable yet exciting outcome.

The technicalities and fabrications have become more advanced allowing even more room for experimentation. The Wimbledon design showcased a textile similar to grass to demonstrate tennis. It was creative, practical and tying in with the sport itself.

Liberty famous for their print designs created a collection using colour, print and pattern. This introduced an entirely new spin on things. We had now been introduced to a sophisticated trainer that was still comfortable and practical yet very in tune with being recognized with the Liberty DNA. (Liberty trainers in collaborations with Nike is pictured on the main image at the top.)

Having famous names work closely together with a sports brand means that we can hope for interesting results. Michael Jordan would have known what was lacking in a sports trainer and thus designed something to adapt to his needs and others in the same sport. For example the thick cushioning at the back or the lace tightening mechanism were all aspects to help better performance in his game and will go on to help others too.

You can’t go wrong with a collaboration. It adds a touch of designer and sports to your wardrobe at a fraction of the price. The trainers we have seen born out of this have sparked a new frenzy for footwear.

“New releases, exclusivities to stores and limited editions are all what adds to the addiction of owning a pair of sneakers”

So what should we expect next from Nike and the rest of the trainer industry?

The answer to that would be more collaboration’s with celebrities and designers. Even high end names like Jimmy Choo and Raf Simons have recognized the success that revolves around the sports industry. There’s a floor dedicated to men’s luxury trainers at Selfridges, which boasts of other designers like Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Balenciaga.

Its great to see that creative’s can merge together to bring something spectacular in a product. What’s even more interesting is to see men taking fashion almost as seriously as girls and finally being passionate about something materialistic.

quan-fashion4During the late 80’s and early 90’s, Elite-athlete Michael Jordan formed an iconic advertising partnership with Director Spike Lee.

New expected releases:

– Jordan 6 black infrareds-
– Lebron 12’s
– Ricardi Tisci Air force 1 collection

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