Top 10 Chocolate Bar Choices

on September 24, 2014

Chocolate bars in some way have a special meaning and play a big part in our everyday lives. Whether you were that kid who used to squander up the change from your piggy bank to run down to the corner shop just to buy your favourite chocolate bar. Or you stand in front of the sweet section in a store staring for 10 minutes deciding which chocolate you crave at that moment in time.

As Quanners we love chocolate, with a healthy lifestyle it becomes more of a luxury. We’ve compiled a list of our choices for that certain time.

 American researchers years ago confirmed eating chocolates causes the brain to release endorphins, chemicals that naturally make us feel good. So let’s eat away.


The “Nuts” Choice –  Clive’s Pick
Get Some Nuts” as Mr.T says. Snickers will always be the king of “Peanut” chocolates. A classic choice.



The “99p” ChoiceChristian’s Pick
Though a Flake Bar is not 99p, we all remember the “99p Flake” from the Ice Cream vans. A great choice for a soft crumbling chocolate taste in your mouth.


The “Smooth” Choice – Ricky’s Pick
is really similar to Flake except its divided into two bars and Twirl has an extra coating of chocolate and is more smooth. Our movie critic Ricky is a big fan. 2 for the price of 1.


The “Minty” Choice – Melody’s Pick
If you are a fan of mint, Aero Mint is your number 1 choice. It will leave with you a fresh minty aftertaste.



The “Cookie” ChoiceHayley’s Pick
This is one of Galaxy Chocolate’s most recent editions. Nice and creamy with a cookie crunch on the inside. You can’t go wrong.



The “Sweet” Choice – Clive’s Pick
If your looking for a sensationtal sweet taste, bite into a Crunchie and taste the crunch of the honeycomb toffee center.


The “Fruit” ChoiceGundeep’s Pick
Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut
contains raisins covered with milk chocolate. If your craving a fruity mix with some classic Dairy Milk, then this is for you.


The “Kids” Choice CJ’s Pick
Everyone had a Milky Bar when they were younger. We had to include a white chocolate to our collection; it just doesn’t get more original and better than Milky Bar. Who remembers the Milky Bar kid?


The “Exotic” Choice – Clive’s Pick
Want a bit of exotic taste in your chocolate, Bounty provides us with a mix of milk chocolate and coconut.


The “Gym” Choice Tiago’s Pick
Want to workout and enjoy some chocolate? QUEST Bars pack 21 grams of protein with low amount of carbs. Personal Trainer Tiago recommends the “Cookies and Cream” flavour.

All pictures used are via Google and has been labelled for use with modification.
Main image is by Andre Karwath via Wikipedia.

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