11 Money Saving Tips for Students

on September 25, 2014

So your Student Loan has dropped into your bank account. You’ve bought your friends a round of drinks at Freshers, bought that PS4 you wanted for so long and that expensive Topman shirt for that Freshers Finale. Then a couple weeks go by and you realize you may not be as rich as you first thought now. Now the hard times cometh.

No worries we got 10 tips to make your money go the extra mile.

1. Buy a Privilege Card (NUS Card)

A great way to save money and cash out on some great offers too. Comes in handy when you’re trying to impress a date.

Always ask shops for Student Discount. You never know which one gives the extra 20% off. (Bring your Student ID, some stores require a Privilege Card)

2. Fresher Fair

You will never receive as much freebies in your life like you will at a fresher fair. From luxury toiletries, free Nando’s and Pizza. Take advantage of it.

Photo by: Mattbuck (Via Wikimedia)

Mattbuck (Via Wikimedia)

3. Student Oyster Card

If your living in London, sign up for a Student Oyster Card as soon as you register with your University. Although it doesn’t save you money on Pay As You Go, you will save big amounts on weekly and monthly Travel Cards. Outter London Students always ask for Student Rate travels.

Via Google edited by QUAN

via Google edited by QUAN

4. Buy One Get One Free

University is the perfect environment for sales and student offers. Everyone knows students can’t resist a good offer. When your eating out or buying groceries you can go halves with your classmate or roommate if you want.

5. Buy Things That Cost Less

This makes sense right? But it’s so easy to forget until we get a little change. We had a rule of thumb when I used to shop in ASDA; “if it’s not green it ain’t for me”. And anybody who has shopped in ASDA will know what that means (Value Products only).

Photo by Kim Adis

Photo by Kim Adis

6. Cheap Booze 

This is not the prettiest outlook but sometimes the top quality shelf is not in reach everyday. Remember the reason why they’re cheap is not for their incredible taste but because it’s a cheap substitute. Beggars can’t be choosers. Just make sure you got plenty of water and chasers.

7. Free Before A Certain Time

Seems like an effort right to get ready a little earlier than usual. However, it will all be worth it when you realize how much extra money for drinks you will have. Tip: always look out for free entry wristbands and flyers. On campus canteens and dormitory hallways are the best places

8. Oxfam Shops or Charity Shops

Believe it or not Oxfam and other charity shops have an abundance of quality clothing for sale at quality second hand prices. Once you go in to a shop you never know what you might find. All the money goes to a good cause too. Win-win situation.

9. Share Laundry 

When you have no money and you’re short on cash, laundry day can be stressful as well as expensive. Knowing somebody in student halls who doesn’t mind sharing the bill with you might not be such a bad idea.

10. Couch surfing

Sometimes student life just throws you some cards to leave you thinking; “How did I end up here?”

If you’re fortunate enough to find somebody kind enough to let you crash at theirs and use the electricity and gas, just make sure you’re doing your part in lightening the load. Not contributing to it.

Nicole Koehler via Wikimedia

Nicole Koehler (via Wikimedia)

11. Gym for the Free Shower

Great way to get a work out and save money on showers. If your gas card runs out you might find yourself in this situation. In emergency situations to use a shower, you have to go to the gym and you might as well work out whilst your there. What an excellent motivation strategy.

There you have it: 11 ways to make your money last that little longer. Student life is about having fun but learning to budget while doing so.

If you’re looking for more advice on how to party right email clementboateng0@gmail.com and I will happily get back to you


Main image used via Google and labelled for reuse and modification. 


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