Ricky’s October Detox – Day 1

on September 29, 2014

Day One

I got up earlier than usual. An hour before I usually get up, in order to start making my juices. I don’t have a blender, but have one at work – so it kind of works out well. I make the juices, and if I need to blend, I just do that at work. It takes me about 45 minutes to make 5 juices, as well as bottle them, and wash up after myself.

Juice Recipes #OctoberDetox

Juice Recipes #OctoberDetox

I usually wake up first thing and have a cigarette, which has been replaced by the vaper. I start my day off with a Hot Lemon Water which is actually quite good. Making my way to work, I got to the gym first, and for some reason have the run of my life. I’m actually able to do a 10K run, as well as run/jog the whole time. It’s a good start to the detox, and probably for the best, as I’ve read that your energy goes down the longer you juice.

All Time Best #OctoberDetox

All Time Personal Best #OctoberDetox

I get into work, add my juice to the blender, put half an avacado in, as well as some ice, and numerous powders (expensive powders at that) – take the first sip of what will be (for the most part) my morning juice. Honestly, it was actually quite nice, the avacado really thickens up the juice and gives it some creaminess. This juice, The Super Juice, is my first two juices of the day, and honestly, I could drink them all the time

Super Juice #OctoberDetox

Super Juice #OctoberDetox

All my work mates are eating their lunches, and it smells so good. This is going to be difficult, but I keep my goal (11 stones) in the back of my mind, and probably because it is the first day, I don’t want to break. So I just drink some more water, and hope that it fills me up.  Also I ended up getting very tired around about this time, I’m guessing it mainly from having to get up early, and not from a lack of energy – so I had a lemon water, hoping it would perk me up

The second different juice I have is a Super Chute Juice, which is more of a juice than the previous. There’s nothing added to thicken it up, BUT it has my kryptonite – Celery. Even though I put in less the amount that was recommended, the juice absolutely tastes of celery, but I force it down (it takes me a good hour to drink it).

Super Chute Juice #OctoberDetox

Super Chute Juice #OctoberDetox

The third different juice (but fourth I’ve had today) is called the Turbo Express – its ok, but I think I put too much lime in, so its kind of overpowering everything else. But its going down smoother than the Super Chute Juice


Turbo Express

The final proper juice of the day is a Lemon/Ginger Zinger – this one isn’t so bad, but once again, the ginger (much like the lemon) takes over the juice.


Lemon/Ginger Zinger #OctoberDetox

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