Ricky’s October Detox – Day 2 & 3

on October 1, 2014

Day 2

Nothing much of interest came up today. I woke up and my stomach grumbled, but I ended up just having a lemon water, and I was good to go. The rest of the day was the same as before, juice drinking and trying not to eat.

Around 5 o clock I got a super burst of energy for some reason and got really hyper.  My cigarette cravings are pretty much under control. I have no problems because of my vaper. A guy in the building below who I speak to often gave me a new flavour for my vaper, one day was whiskey (I know I have given up alcohol for this detox, but to be honest, this doesn’t count) which tasted more of caramel than whiskey, he promised me a peach cobbler flavour for the next day, which gave my something to look forward too. I find myself getting home after the gym, doing a few bits and bobs and going straight to bed – not through tiredness or hungry, but just because I don’t want the temptation of having to eat


Grocery Shopping #OctoberDetox


Day 3

Today is a good day, the reason: The Passion 4 Juice Smoothie.


Passion 4: Juice Smoothing #OctoberDetox

After two days of drinking exactly the same stuff, its good having something different, and the new taste is a welcome addition to my palette. I get the peach cobbler flavour, and its actually quite nice, the guy gives me the whole bottle because he didn’t like it, which meant I had scored a pretty sweet (and full) flavour. Apart from that, again, there’s nothing different. I don’t feel any more energetic, or thinner, but I am without the hunger pangs, and thus getting used to the juices as a source of “food”.

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