Ricky’s October Detox – Day 6 & 7

on October 6, 2014

Day 6

I start off the day getting up a little later – as it’s the weekend.  Looking at my juice list, and knowing what I have to do during the day (cinema), I decided to swap some of them around. I start off the day with a new juice – Pure Green Super Juice – it is rank – by far the worst juice I have had. This could be because it is pure veg, with no fruit to offset the taste. But I have to force it down. It’s only a little bit, but it takes me forever to get down (and stay down). I resort to holding my nose throughout the whole ordeal, and drinking copious amounts of water at the end. I head to the gym, do a bit of cardio. Whilst running, I start planning what I’m going to do with my eating after October. I start to realise that I have to have some sort of cheat day (I’ve been pretty militant since I started eating clean). My mind then wanders to all the food places around my work, and what I can have once a week. It makes the cardio go faster, and surprisingly doesn’t make me hungry. hen head off to the cinema. A welcome distraction from the hunger pangs (which aren’t really that bad today to be honest). I end up drinking my juices at the cinema, heading back to the gym, and finishing off the day with another new juice. The Boost Juice – It’s a decent enough juice, and isn’t difficult to get down. It has a lot of leaf veg which I think I haven’t had THAT much off.


Pure Green Super Juice – #OctoberDetox

Day 7

This is it, the final day. There’s only one new juice (but one which I’ve had before, in fact, the juice which my friend made me which got me into considering buying a juicer) the Lemon Sherbert. I head off to the gym with my friend, get a poor to decent effort at cardio. It’s not because of energy levels, its just that my headphones breakdown, and without some sort of distraction, cardio gets boring. I end up going to the cinema with my friend, but first he wants to eat. I sit there with my juice, not really bothered about eating. Whilst he eats, I start looking through the 7 day juice book, and see there are more juices in the back. I count them up, and realise there’s about 4 more days’ worth of juices in there. Snap decision, I decide no matter what my weight is tomorrow – I’m going to do four more days of juicing. I was going to bring a juice in the morning anyway because the book says to ease yourself back into eating. But I decide that four more days won’t hurt, and also I just wanna see how far I can push myself. I also decide at the same time, that when I’ve finished my October Detox, I’m gonna treat myself, to a whole KFC Bargain Bucket, because, why not? We watch a movie, I go back to the gym and come home, prepping everything for the next 4 day juice. I have a new list up, and recipes are stuck to my cupboard door where my “juicing station” is. I’m ready for tomorrow’s weigh in, and also my next (self-imposed) four day challenge.

Lemon Sherbert #OctoberDetox

Lemon Sherbert #OctoberDetox

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