Ricky’s October Detox – Day 8

on October 8, 2014

Day 8

This is it, weigh in day. I’ve already decided to carry on the juice diet for four more days. I don’t think I would lose much more weight because it isn’t in the” actual plan” but thought, why not, there’s more recipes.

More Juice Supplies #OctoberDetox

I get to the gym, and instead of deciding to weigh myself early, I decide to do it after a workout. I start on the treadmill, and start off good, but half way through I start struggling. BUT a random gym rat who I don’t know, comes up to me, I’ve seen her around since I’ve been going but we never talked. She tells me that I’ve lost a lot of weight, and we start chatting. It gives me motivation to carry on hard, and strong. I finish my running, weigh myself and realise I’ve lost a stone in a week. I’m amazed. I also decide that, like the book says, I’m going to do the diet once a season. Not to lose weight per say, but to reboot my body and give it a good clean out.

The day is a blur because of work, but in between I’m trying out new juices. Most of which are good – Morning Magic, Simply Red, Totally Tropical Taste and Minty Beta Juice.


Minty Beta Juice #OctoberDetox


Totally Tropical Taste #OctoberDetox

At the end of the day, I’m half and half about whether to do an evening session, and after much umming and ahhing, I decide I might as well, and carry on the hard work that I have done previously.

The rest of the week will look like this:

  • Day 9 – Ice Mango, Athletes Elixir, 5 Portions, Kids Veggie Special
  • Day 10 -Salad Juicem Cool as a Cucumber, Fruity Zest, Summer Smoothie
  • Day 11 – Muesli Smoothie, 3 Seed Smoothie, Protein Power House, Passion 4 Juice

I probably wont update the twelfth day, which is when I actually start eating solid food again – and I’ll tell you something, I’m looking forward to it

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