Ricky’s October Detox – Day 11 & 12

on October 14, 2014

Day 11

So it’s been 4 days of doing random juices, honestly, it doesn’t feel the same as when I was following the diet. Don’t get me wrong the juices I found have been decent (some more than others) but I can see this part of the diet not going all that well – it’s probably doesn’t help that all my juices on the last day are yoghurt based! I get home and my mother has cooked my favourite meal, this meat in a satay sauce type thing. BUT I’m not eating meat AND I’m trying not to eat till tomorrow. I have my final juice, and an hour later it’s just too much. I have my first piece of “food” – kinda – I just have the sauce (there’s a lot so it’s quite soupy) with lots of the veg with it. I don’t really class it as cheating because you know, no more juices in the diet, and also it’s a soup. It’s good to have my tastebuds “eat something”
Day 12
I took the day off work today. So I could eat without stress. But I also realise before this day that I can go overboard. My body has been deprived of food for twelve days, which means it will hang onto anything I do eat. I’ve made the choice to actually do juices twice a day and add that to my regular diet. So I start of my day with juices which I have a lot of ingredients leftover for. I go to the gym, weigh myself, and realise I’ve only lost a kilo – it’s not great BUT it’s something. Since starting this diet, I’ve walked everywhere. Usually I’m lazy and will get a bus to the gym, which is only about a 10 minute bus ride. But I’ve found myself walking to and from there whenever I’m at home. I take a 20 minute walk instead of a lunch break at work most days now. So I walk home from the gym, shower there, and make another juice. Im prolonging this eating malarkey. I walk over to the cinema, watch a flick and decide it’s time to eat. I get home, chop up some veg, put it in the oven, and go for a half hour walk round the park. I get back, food is ready, and add it to handful of mix salad (along with leftover kale) pour some more or the sauce from my favourite food from the night before – and I tuck in. I’m trying not to devour it. I’m trying to eat as slowly as possible to allow my stomach to get used to solid food again. I finish up, do some other stuff and later for dinner I have a soup. I’d rather have a “proper meal” for lunch/tea and a soup for dinner. The solids will have more time to break down and hopefully not add any extra weight, and the soup is light. This is my basic plan for the next couple of days. Still haven’t eaten meat, still haven’t had a cigarette and still haven’t had a drink.
That’s the juice diet part of my October Detox done, and honestly, it’s been quite the eye opener. It’s changed my life style as I’ve bought a blender and a thermos and will probably make juices a regular part of my life now. It’s made me work out more than I ever have and I’m actually walking more. It’s been a tough but ultimately satisfying 12 days. Here’s hoping the weight stays off in the next couple of days

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