How To Survive A Horror Movie

on October 31, 2014

I love horror movies. I love the thrill of a good scare. Throughout my experience of watching numerous unhealthy amounts of horror flicks, there are a couple of reoccurring bad habits, traits, patterns or scenarios that I’ve picked up on. Ultimately leading to a characters doom. So here are a couple of them I’ve listed for your amusement. Some things I’ve learned from other characters mistakes in horror movie.

Forget the reasonable doubt rule. All you need is a reason!

In normal circumstances we have something called beyond reasonable doubt meaning giving the situation the benefit of the doubt for the better. However In any horror movie these rules or any that govern this existing world do not apply and usually your first gut instinct is always right. It’s basic survival instinct 101.

Never go in first or be last

The reason for this is how many times have we seen the first one through the door not come back because they were too eager. Vice versa the person who is straggling at the back of the group serves as a warning for the rest to hurry their butts up. Either way an example has to be made. Don’t be too eager and don’t take the piss and be too slow.

Always plan for the worst

Thing about life is “If anything bad can happen in your life”, it will usually. Just imagine what it would be like in a horror movie? Times that by 10 and pick the worst possible timing to have your moment. Yes, that’s Hollywood baby!

There’s always that one in the team

Watch out for that one person in the team who doesn’t like playing second fiddle or is prone to bad luck. Death just loves to play hide and seek with this person. Everything they touch either fails or is made worse. Watch them!

Never stop never look back

The amount of times in a horror movie when the character would have made it if they just watched where they were running or simply didn’t stop to look back. Classic scenario, girl runs, looks back, trips and it’s game over. Don’t be that person who decided it was better to stand still and look behind them. Pick up speed and don’t look back, only forward.

Learn to Climb

Last but not least the ‘Art of Climbing’. Seems the most trivial of problems when it comes to a monster, killer zombie apocalypse right? However, this skill is so important in horror flicks and can be the difference between making over the border to the promise land or getting torn apart by a pack of monster in a slow motion tragedy with all the choir orchestra background music to go with it. Upper body strength, good core and some decent legs are all that’s required for survival.

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