My Room of Riddles Experience

on October 31, 2014

If solving clues and riddles in escape games excites you, then this Room of Riddles is a definite MUST do on a trip to Amsterdam.

Room of Riddles is the first real-life escape game in Amsterdam. It has a similar concept to computer game, Myst. The escape game rooms are based on the story of mr. Cornelius, a vivid world traveler in his mid-eighties. A man with passion for aviation, who has seen the world, lived his dream and wants to share his passion.

With only ONE hour to complete, the challenge is to find the code that opens the safe, which holds the key to get out of the room. All you need to do is look out for hints and think outside of the box.

Upon arrival, you are greeted with a Riddle Master who will explain the rules and how it all works. After you have completed the room, you are then given a drink with your team.

Having only been opened this year, they have already received great reviews. Whether you are in a group of 2, 3, 4 or 5 people, this is sure to be a fun experience to enjoy with friends and family.

You are thrown into this room not knowing what to expect and whats great is that it tests how well you can cope under pressure and how well your team work skills are. But most of all, you have to BE QUICK!

We did it in 45.52 seconds! The fastest on the day!

So, can you solve the Room of Riddles? 

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