What Firework Are You?

on November 5, 2014

Every 5th of Nov people remember the story of Guy Fawkes Night and the gunpowder plot that was foiled before Guy Fawkes could succeed in blowing up parliament.

Movies such as V for vendetta are a reminder of the reason and motive behind that plot and symbolize to many the day for a chance revolution.  Imagine if Guy Fawkes did succeed in blowing up parliament, how different the UK would be?

As a tradition every year we are reminded of this important day in British history with fireworks to represent the gunpowder plot.

So if fireworks could represent you, which firework would you be? Here are some examples I thought of.

You’re a happy go lucky person who likes to enjoy yourself. The partier. You also like to be in control and don’t want to get burned.

You’re loud, you’re proud and you like to party like you did as a child. Everybody knows when you walk in the room.

Catherine wheel
It’s all about appearance for you. Whatever you do it has got to look good and you love a good show.

Steady like a rock and very trustworthy. You may not be the center of attention but you’re the most reliable and stable. In it for the long run.

Crème of the crop. Shooting star in the night sky. Just like your life everything is on the rise when it come to your social life.

You’re wild, exciting and wear your heart on your sleeve. Never a dull day with you and you stay true to your emotions.

What firework best represents you?

“Remember, remember the fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason, why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”

Image used via Wikimedia and sourced for reuse with modification.


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