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on November 26, 2014

I was excited to hear about the new Cereal Killer Cafe which will be opening this upcoming Wednesday 10th December 2014 in London. I was even more excited to get a interview with co-founder Gary Keery, one half of the identical twins from Belfast who came up with the concept. I asked Gary about the story behind the brand, his business tips and also what can we expect from the first cereal cafe to be opened in the UK . Londoners be ready for a cereal experience like no other!


The identical twins behind Cereal Killer Cafe
(Alan, left, Gary, right) 
(Picture courtesy of Cereal Killer Cafe)

Clive: Hi Gary, thank you for joining us at QUAN Magazine. So Cereal Killer Cafe. Such a great idea. How did it come about?

Gary: Me and my brother were out on Shoreditch one afternoon and we were impressed about how many food choices there was on offer. Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian. But all I was craving was a bowl of cereal. And there was no place I could get one! So when we got home we decided to do a little research about starting a cereal cafe. We found out that there were some chains in America however none exist in London. That’s where we saw a gap in the market. But we thought we couldn’t just provide cereals that are just UK based, for example Weetabix and Corn Flakes. We had to look at the bigger picture and get a variety of cereals to get customers excited and interested.

Clive: Sounds really exciting. Can you tell us about the Cereal Killer Cafe and what it has to offer?

Gary: We will have 120 different cereals, 20 different type of toppings with 13 different types of milks including normal, lacto-free milk, oat milk, hazelnut milk and almond milk. Even I didn’t know there were that many types of milk! Also exclusive cereals will be shipped from all over the world, from America, Europe, including special Oreo O’s cereal that have been ordered from Korea. The café will be open from 7am-8pm all week.


Exciting and Tasty delivery
@CerealKillerCafe (Instagram)

Clive: So a lot of talk has been on the interior of your café. I’m excited to see it. What can we expect?

Gary: We aimed for a nostalgic feel to our brand. I always remember eating sugar filled cereal while watching cartoons on the TV when I was younger and we wanted to recreate that experience. The cafe will have a vintage interior with a mix of cool memorabilia that we have collected over the years. The music we will be playing is from the 80s and 90s. and will consist of 2 floors. The whole aim is to have people to come in to our cafe and have an unforgettable experience.

Clive: I remember seeing your idea on Indiegogo earlier in the year. Now you have a café actually opening up. How was that experience using a site like Indiegogo and how did it benefit you guys?

Gary: It was a learning experience for us. The main thing we got out of Indiegogo was the exposure we received. The Evening Standard found out what we were doing from our campaign and eventually released an article about us. From that it helped our network grow. We also raised £1000 on the site to help to put into the business so we were very pleased about that.

Clive: I see you guys as entrepreneurs. Would you have any advice to anyone who’s looking to follow an idea to start a potential business like you and your brother have?

Gary: I would say be selective to who you take your advice from. There was so many people that doubted our idea, those that said “cereals won’t sell, you need to sell sandwiches too.” But we had the mentality that you wouldn’t go to a sushi restaurant and not order sushi.

We’ve had bumps in the roads. Loans have been turned down by banks but we were persistent. We had an idea and we followed it through. That’s important in starting your own business.

Clive: Great stuff. Last but not least, when is the big day? Also is there anything you would like to add?

Gary: The opening is on Wednesday 10th December 2014. Save the date! Keep supporting Cereal Killer Cafe and we hope to see you all when it opens!

Cereals with Popping Candy. One of over 100 different types of cereals available!
@CerealKillerCafe (Instagram)

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