Insight into Cereal Killer Cafe

on December 10, 2014

The first UK cereal café has just opened in Shoreditch London. Cereal Killer Café offers 120 different cereals from around the world, 20 toppings and over 30 different milks. The menu also stretches to poptarts, toast and speciality cereal cakes.

The idea was conceived by 2 identical twins from Belfast, Alan and Gary keery, who came up with the idea when looking for something to eat while in Shoreditch one afternoon. Not wanting to eat anything that was on offer, they fancied a bowl of cereal and realised this isn’t something that is available in any café or restaurant. That’s when the light bulb moment came, the pair couldn’t understand why something that is enjoyed by people every day in their homes, has never been enjoyed outside of those 4 walls.

The café is situated at 139 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, E1 6SB, and is spread over the ground floor and basement, with enough seating for 50 cereal fans. The interior of the café has been based on a bowl of lucky charms, with exposed brick, hard wood and limestone flooring, with splashes of colour in the formica furniture, upcycled vintage kitchen cabinets (by ruari smith), and an original 1970s yellow kitchen which has been reshaped as the bar. The twins have collaborated with interior designer sara lewin, to ensure the café has the vintage homely look people will feel comfortable chowing down on their favourite bowl in.

The café has been decked out with hundreds of pieces of cereal memorabilia, from vintage cereal boxes, including Batman, Powerpuff girls, WWF, teenage mutant ninja turtles,banana bubbles, to kites, skateboards, money boxes and animation cells. To add to the nostalgic experience there are a range of vintage magazines to peruse including, beanos, dandys and top of the pops magazine. Cereal killer also have a few pieces of cereal art, with the A to Z of cereal ( and 2 serial killer portraits (dexter and Hannibal lector) made out of actual cereal (artists gary keery and kyle gall).

The menu consists of cereal from all over the world, with a huge selection from America, Australia, France, South Africa, South Korea and of course the UK. Prices start at just £2.50 for a small bowl,  £3.00 for a medium bowl, and £3.50 for a large bowl. There are some hard to find and rare cereals, like Booberry, Frankenberry, and Count Chocula, the 3 limited edition Halloween cereals from America, which are only available for 1 month of the year. Oreo o’s from South Korea, a popping candy cereal from America, called Poppin Pebbles, and a strawberry puffed rice cereal from south Africa, called strawberry pops. The menu also boasts a range of 13 different pop tarts, from confetti cupcake to fudge sundae, and toast with a range of spreads. The coffee is supplied by Allpress coffee and an exclusive selection for teas from TLC, the tea lovers company, who have designed a special blend of breakfast tea, exclusively for Cereal Killer, which works perfectly with cereal. Cereal killer also have a range of bespoke cereal inspired cakes by ninas bakery (Instagram: ninas_bakes), the mouth watering cakes are lucky charm cheese cake, rice krispie Victoria sponge, coco pop brownie and reeces puffs peanut butter and chocolate cake.

To add to the experience the café will be playing, a lot of memory jogging hits from the 80s and 90s, TV theme tunes, and movie soundtracks, some you will remember, and some you may rather forget.

Cereal. Picture is copyright of QUAN.

Cereal. Picture is copyright of QUAN.

Cereal Killer Café are delivering a mega nostalgic cereal experience, to reunite everyone with the love and excitement about cereal we all had as kids, and will be open from 7am-10pm Monday to Friday from the 10th of December 2014.

Cereal Killer Café can be found on facebook: cerealkilleruk twitter:@cerealkilleruk and Instagram: cerealkillercafe

All photos in this article are copyright of QUAN. All rights reserved and may not be used without permission.


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