Top 10 Worst Movies of 2014

on December 31, 2014

For the past two years I have had a cineworld card – in my first year I was unemployed, so I basically filled my days with films. I watched EVERYTHING (apart from Horror, I don’t do horror). Then I got a job and had to leave most of my film watching to the weekends, as I got promoted and started going to the gym, my film going has actually gone down. I tried my best to watch everything but real life became a little more important especially as most of my time was taken up by other things. But for the most part of the year, I watched everything that came out at the cineworld local to my home and my work. I must also say that more often than not I have fallen asleep to films, mainly because I’m tired so more than likely because I am very bored by it.

I’m going to be running through my best films of the year (my opinion) but to make me feel good about seeing every film I also have to run you through the worst (in order to justify to myself watching them).

10. Maps to the Stars 

I’ve seen this on many “top lists” and I just don’t know why. Maybe because its rich people problems, maybe its because to me its pretentious. But I just didn’t get into this movie one bit.

9. The Rover 


I just didn’t get into the film one bit. It was long winded, with not enough to keep me interested

8. The Legend of Hercules


This came out weeks before the Rock Hercules movie – and made the Rock’s version more bearable. The film was badly acted, and just was the pits from top to bottom.

7. Bogowie


First movie I walked out of since getting my cinema pass – I usually like foreign films because they’re generally different from the usual Hollywood stuff, but just couldn’t get into this movie.

6. This is Where I Leave You


Nothing I haven’t seen before – most of the actors phoning it in – actually the last movie I watched and decided that I wouldn’t see every movie anymore.

5. Into the Storm 

Generic disaster movie which probably would have been good if it was made in the 90’s when I but it just felt like a rehash of every disaster movie known to man

4. Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie


I really do not understand why anybody likes this show – the film just felt offensive at times and also the mix of outtakes into the film made it too much

3. Tammy


I just won’t ever really get into Melissa McCarthy as a performer when she does this same old shtick.

2. Pudsey the Movie


Did this really need to get made? The thing about most kid movies nowadays is that they know that adults will go to watch it with their kids so they will throw a few jokes in for them, this didn’t and it made it a chore to watch. Also, not a fan of David Walliams at the best of times

1. What We Did on our Holiday


The premise of the film had me scratching my head, like kids burning their grandfather in a Viking like burial? Couldn’t take it seriously after that – also, not a fan of David Tennant.

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