Inspiring Sports Movies to watch on Netflix

on February 18, 2015

Need some inspiration? This list of movies will give you that extra motivation. Whether it’s teamwork, or finding that extra will to work harder at your craft. Save time browsing your Netflix for movies to watch and tune in to one of these for that inspirational push.

Coach Carter (2005)

A former player of Richmond High School returns years later to coach his old team. With hard work and discipline, he turns a losing team around and gives them a chance of winning a State Championship. But his achievements are only based on his player’s academic results. He emphasizes education over sports, and doing his best to make sure his players get into college. However not everyone agrees on his philosophy.

Dangerous Minds with a basketball, but not as great. It’s still a very good movie with an inspiring story and a celebrity cast.
Nice recent addition to Netflix. 

Forever Strong (2008)

Rick Penning, a athlete with high potential plays rugby under his father, a Coach of a team known for aggressive youths and delinquents. When Rick ends up in a juvenile detention centre he ends up training with rivals Highland Rugby Team, a team which thrives on teaching discipline, hard work and building team chemistry. Stubborn and rebellious, he refuses to accept the culture of the Highlands. But Highland Coach Larry Gelwix decides to nurture Rick, who slowly realizes his life was heading down the wrong direction.

Sean Faris shines in a motivating true story sports movie which teaches it’s not too late to change your life around, and the people who you surround yourself plays a big part in what you will ultimately become. 


The Hammer (2010)

The Hammer movie explains the real life story of Matt Hamill, who was the first ever deaf wrestler to win a national championship. Born and raised by a single mother and his stubborn grandfather, they brought up Matt away from a deaf community. But despite being a highly skilled wrestler, he finds road blocks on his journey and soon realizes the deaf community are the ones who will help bring the best out of him.

Some beautiful scenes that portray the 1st person view of Matt brilliantly.
The Hammer is a movie with laughs, love and inspiration. What more can you ask for.


Rudy (1993)

A loss of a friend pushes Rudy, a young athlete to pursue his dream to play American Football for college Notre Dame. Although he didn’t get the grades to get into Notre Dame, Rudy’s drive and persistence will not stop him from achieving his goals.

A sports movie classic. Never take your eye off the underdog, they will surprise you.
Look out for a young Vince Vaughn.


Legendary (2010)

A book-work student Cal is tired of being picked on and decides to drop his books and focus on continuing his family’s legacy, wrestling. Cal’s father passed away a few years back, driving his brother to go AWOL and his mother alone to raise him by herself. Cal’s father and brother Mike (John Cena) were both High School wrestling champions in their respected weight class. Looking to live up to his family name, Cal seeks guidance and inspiration from his brother who hasn’t spoken to the family in years.

Predictable at times but still worth a watch. John Cena fans will be pleased with his performance. 

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