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Ricky in Vegas – Pacman vs Money

on April 30, 2015

I was never really a boxing fan, I mean, I watched the “big” fights but never was an avid follower. In saying that, I have never felt more Filipino then when watching Pacman fight. I even went to Las Vegas for the Pacman/Hatton fight. I didn’t get tickets to the actual fight, just watched on closed circuit TV in the hotel opposite. It was like being at the fight – we were in an arena, the four screens that are above the ring were there, and I just sat there and found myself getting immersed in the fight. The two sides of my heritage at “war” and for the first time I was all in Filipino.

Talking to my cousin who was with me, he told me about Mayweather, and how Pacman/Money was THE BIG fight. For whatever reasons they couldn’t settle on an agreement – in my eyes, it was Mayweather ducking Pacman – and here we are, numerous years later, on the verge of the big fight. Some say the fight is 5 years too late, but I don’t care – we finally will see who is the best

Again, I go to Vegas, and again, I don’t have a ticket. The fight is being held at the MGM, and only been shown in MGM owned Hotels. You can’t even purchase the pay per view IN LAS VEGAS. And the lack of tickets also extends to the closed circuit tickets. It is SOLD OUT. Sure the fight maybe 5 years too late, and sure both men maybe coming into the twilight of their careers. But the hype, and more importantly, the lack of tickets show just how much this fight means.

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