Ricky in Vegas – Pacman vs Money II

on May 2, 2015
Me and my cousin travelled to Vegas. No ticket to the fight, and no tickets available on closed circuit. My cousin was worried, in fact he trying to make me go to some really dodgy company in order to watch the fight. But I told him not to worry.

Reports were conflicting here about the fight. Some saying that there was a blackout in everywhere that wasn’t MGM owned property, and only being able to see the fights through them – some were saying that random bars not owned by the MGM were gonna show it.


Either way we were hearing that the prices for closed circuit tickets were through the roof – me and my cousin wanted to watch the fight, even in closed circuit, but not for some of the prices they wanted us too.
First port of call was our concierge. She said there were no tickets left, but she had someone who was gonna screen the pay per view at their house for $50 – it wasn’t what we planned, but at least it was something. It seemed like a waste coming all this way to watch it at some random house, but at least we would experience the atmosphere.
For the next couple of days, we tried. Speaking to anyone we could. The best we could get was an official MGM outlet which was screening it for $350 – closed circuit. It was a bit much, and we weren’t gonna do it.
Randomly I was getting tickets for Jabawockeez at the Luxor and on the off chance asked for Pacman/Mayweather tickets, and low and behold they had released more tickets $165 closed circuit. BUT there was a snag, I didn’t have the right amount of money on me and NO card on me. What happened next was the rush of my life.
Running to the taxi stand, telling a taxi driver to “step on it” and paying him an extra $10 to do so. Running to my room and grabbing money, running back to the taxi stand – and having what seemed the longest wait of my life (but also having a conversation with the bellboy and finding out they also released more weigh in tickets). Then telling another taxi driver to “step on it” and paying him extra. Running through the Luxor and finally, buying the tickets to the fight, but the weigh in was sold out.
So that’s it. We got tickets, and we’re gonna be watching it tonight. Everything worked out in the end.

I’ll keep you all update on my Vegas adventures – follow me @rickyjdiaz on Twitter for updates

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