1-2-1 with Matt from Two Fingers Brewings

on July 13, 2015

Clive sat down with Matt Sadler and had talk about upcoming beer brand “Two Fingers Brewing”, the drink that gives back.

Two Fingers Brewing had recently won The Venture UK and is in the next global stages, currently taking place in the United States right now.

We love the logo. What does “Two Fingers Brewing” means and the concept behind it?

Our logo has a lot of different meanings, it mainly stands for a “great beer for a great cause”. The fingers has a meaning, the good old British two finger salute. Also at the same time two fingers to prostate cancer. Plus the logo has a cheeky nod to the prostate cancer exam, although that is done with one finger not two.

We’ve always said we wanted to make a beer that tastes great and does good. But no one wants to be preached at while they having a beer. Having a beer is sociable and it’s fun, so we were looking for a name that sounds cheeky & fun too.

The concept behind the beer is that it donates to prostate cancer, how did you originally come up with the idea?

Basically the story behind Two Fingers Brewing, the 7 of us all met while working advertising. Some of our colleagues had sadly been affected directly by Prostate Cancer, and we came to realise just how big the chances are of us or any men getting prostate cancer. The statistics of average men in the UK, 1/8 will get Prostate Cancer, and as many men die of Prostate Cancer than women die of Breast Cancer and very little was being done about.

The advertising agency which we all worked for was moving into a new office which came with it’s own bar. We thought if we are going to have our own bar, wouldn’t it be great if we had our own beer. And if we had our own beer, wouldn’t be great if we had a beer that gave back and supported the biggest cause in men’s health, which is Prostate Cancer. 

Originally we had this idea in March 2012, we did our first order of beers within the first year of 1000 bottles that were sold to family and friends. We had local restaurants contact us about stocking our product and people in the beer trade had raved about idea. 

In 2013, we networked and tried to find a real commercial supply chain. We all didn’t have much experience of where to start but the more people we spoke to the more connections we made.

In September that year we went into Tesco’s for expert advice and pitched our ideas. To our delight and amazement shortly after they wanted to get our product in 200 of their stores as quick as possible. It was amazing.

By January in 2014 we had launched in Tesco. By May we were stocked in Ocado and then Morrison’s in June. In November we also managed to get ourstock into Jamie’s Italian. The brand also picked up awards and all together we sold over £80,000 worth of bottles that year. Raising £80,000 for charity.

Last year was pretty crazy and amazing.

You guys were crowned the UK winners of The Venture, describe how it was?

It was one of the most amazing nights of my life. To be the UK Winner of anything is absolutely incredible. But to be in the global final of something is mind-blowing.

The final was a humbling experience. It was an unusual competition as the winner had to be picked by the finalists amongst themselves. So you had us, and 4 really other brilliant social enterprises. All completely different enterprises but doing great stuff. After all the votes it was really close, but we were over the moon when we were announced as the winner.

Also the same night of The Venture, my wife was overdue of the birth of our second daughter. I came home at around 10pm at night, to find my wife going into labour so I had to rush straight off to the hospital. My daughter was born at 4am the next morning. It was a night I will never forget.

Congrats Matt, amazing stuff! So the final stages of The Venture, how’s it going?

The Global Final of The Venture will be this month in Silicon Valley, my good friend and colleague Will be flying out to represent Two Fingers Brewing. It’s a week of training and mentoring from all the amazing start-ups alongside all the other competitors. Then it goes down to a “Dragons Den’s” pitch to see who will take home the $750,000, not to forget the $250,000 that will be decided by the public vote.

In terms of the future of Two fingers Brewing, what do you see?

In the future we would love to create more drinks, and hopefully get international trademark so in a few years time all over the world can help mankind by having one of our beers.

We look to the other fantastic craft beer brands that are already out there like Brewdog and MeanTime. Those brands have developed an amazing range of beers and have expanded. In the long term, it would be really to have our own bar and if people can have a good night out and do some good in the world.\

The QUAN team wish Two Fingers Brewing all the success in the future, and thank you Matt for joining us for a QUAN-2-1 interview with the team.


W: http://twofingersbrewing.co
E: men@twofingersbrewing.co

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