We are QUAN.
Your Ambassador of Lifestyle.


QUAN is a fast growing, online lifestyle magazine based in London.

The magazine was founded in July 2014 by a group of freelance designers & writers and is now filled with a team full of creatives, we call ourselves Quanners. Our vision was to create a magazine that can cater for everyone. We believe in the motto;

There’s a dose of QUAN for everyone”.

Aside from the magazine being filled with unique articles, exclusive interviews and creative concepts, the QUAN design team focuses on displaying a clean and eye-catching look for our readers. We strive to give you the full memorable and enjoyable experience with every visit.

Since the magazines online release in July 2014, the articles that are reviewed and uploaded are viewed by hundreds of people online across the world everyday.

Any information please feel free to contact us at whatsup@quanmagazine.com.

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